Electrician recommends the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch


"The Smoke Alarm Safety Switch is a great product, easy to install and effective at shutting off electrical circuits that its fitted to, after a Smoke Alarm fault occurs. I have installed a number of them and would highly recommend it to any home owners looking to protect their property against potential electrical fires"




Gabriel Ridgley-Hewitt

Electrical Contractor

l u m i n a r t




”Thank you for installing the smoke alarm safety switch.


The beauty about installing the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch is that it just gives that added peace of mind. It’s like having added insurance.


It is a very simple but brilliant idea that once any of our smoke detectors go into alarm, having the power turned off automatically just seems so logical. Being away from the house or even going on holidays I can have the peace of mind knowing that the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch goes a long way in protecting our most valuable asset.


I have no doubt in my mind that the time will come when all new homes will have a smoke alarm safety switch installed as part of the requirements of building a home. It really should be made compulsory for all homes”.                 


“Great invention.”                


Regards Ruben Quero


“After installing the Smoke alarm safety switch in our new house I am confident that I can leave home without worrying about potential fires from occurring and what's $250 to protect my investment. I say money well spent!”

Nathan Chivers   


To whom it may concern,

“I never thought it was possible to protect your home from electrical fires in such a quick and inexpensive way.

Without the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch what do your Smoke Alarms do if no one is home!

Why don’t all home have them, like we do with Safety Switches?”



Dear 2linkinnovations,


I wish to thank you for the recent installation of the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch (SASS) and Wireless Smoke Detectors that you fitted to our 3 level home at 9 Babs Road Killcare Heights.


The SASS worked seamlessly with the new complete Wireless Smoke Detector System, meaning we did not have to start ripping apart walls and ceiling to the system installed.


The installation was carried out seamlessly, quickly and in a cost effective manner by retrofitting our existing old smoke detectors.


We had an incident at a previous property where an item was left on the stove and was forgotten about, we all went to bed and fell asleep and were very fortunate to get out alive.


Also as we are often out as a family we are so glad that our property is being actively protected.


This new innovative product brings us a great peace of mind both when we are at home and away from our family home, knowing one of the common sources of fuel for sustaining a fire will be cut off.


Well done Mr Garrard for inventing this life and property saving device.


Thank you to the 2linkinnovations team for your great work.


This should be mandatory to be fitted to every home.


Kind Regards


Peter Waters – CPP, DipPM, Cert IV Risk, Cert IE, MCiiCSM

SCEC T4 Approved Security Zone Consultant

Managing Director

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